Thursday, September 24, 2009

.....and then there were two.

As of yesterday, there is another happy new BMW owner in Anchorage! Eric found a good deal on a 2006 GS and picked it up.

Gary is starting to feel left out and we appear to have abandoned the plan of buying bikes outside all together. After discussing the logistics of this trip we believe having the bikes in the garage over the winter to tinker with will save us some time and probably some rather large headaches when we get to Texas. Right now we are pouring over accessory catalogs and motorcycle forums trying to gather what knowledge we can and putting together "wish lists" of trinkets (known as "farkle" in the dual sport bike world...) we would like to see adorn our newest family members.

Work is slow on planning the memorial. Working with the State of AK DOT can be tiresome especially since our project isn't exactly a top of the list item. We will be making a fund raising effort through all of this, but some details need to come together before we put the hand out.

Snow is coming down the mountains rapidly and we have been getting frost in the mornings. Yesterday I braved the weather and rode my bike to Anchorage even though the temp was at 29*. The heated seat and hot grips were a very welcome comfort on the way in. Sunny and 50* in the afternoon made for a beautiful ride home. Maybe we will be able to make a couple short afternoon rides before the snow actually hits us at sea level...

Friday, September 4, 2009

Life just got a bit more interesting (aka complicated...)

So I've had my "trainer" for all of five and a half days now and tomorrow morning I go to pick up my highway bike! After all the preliminary searching I've been doing, I come across a deal I couldn't refuse right here in AK. The bike I will be riding on the trip is a 2008 BMW R1200GS with a load of options!

I ended up with a bike that is 3-4 years newer than what I thought I would get and is nearly ready for the trip already. The complication comes by having to orchestrate shipping it down to Dallas, TX which shouldn't be that difficult but I will have to spend a little $$. Crunching the numbers though, I will still come out ahead in the deal by not having to spend any time prepping a bike in Texas. I should be able to pop open the crate, fuel her up and hit the road! Plus I will be able to put a few miles on it and get to know the bike a bit.

No turning back now!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The "trainer"....

Well, Sunday I picked up my "training" bike. I found a beautiful 1985 Yamaha Maxim 700 that will be perfect for putting some miles on this fall and next spring.

Thanks to Julie (previous owner), you have maintained this bike immaculately! Julie and Eric are on their own 18 month around the world adventure (check out their blog here ).

Since Sunday afternoon, I have put over 200 miles on and am loving every minute of it! This photo is the group that will be going on our Alcan ride next spring. Left to right - Me, Gary, Eric.

My 2 1/2 year old son is ready to ride! I took him for a short ride around the block and he was giggling out loud before we got off the driveway! I'm not sure how my wife will handle him on a bike though...