Friday, September 4, 2009

Life just got a bit more interesting (aka complicated...)

So I've had my "trainer" for all of five and a half days now and tomorrow morning I go to pick up my highway bike! After all the preliminary searching I've been doing, I come across a deal I couldn't refuse right here in AK. The bike I will be riding on the trip is a 2008 BMW R1200GS with a load of options!

I ended up with a bike that is 3-4 years newer than what I thought I would get and is nearly ready for the trip already. The complication comes by having to orchestrate shipping it down to Dallas, TX which shouldn't be that difficult but I will have to spend a little $$. Crunching the numbers though, I will still come out ahead in the deal by not having to spend any time prepping a bike in Texas. I should be able to pop open the crate, fuel her up and hit the road! Plus I will be able to put a few miles on it and get to know the bike a bit.

No turning back now!

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