Monday, April 26, 2010

Crunch time!

Down to T-minus seven days till Eric and my bikes get shipped off for the trip! Seems like not too long ago we had PLENTY of time to get things in order. Now I am starting to feel a bit unprepared...

My bike has taken over the garage along with a table holding most of the gear I am taking and the BMW crate is tucked against the wall waiting for the big day. The plan is next Monday (May 3rd) I will ride the bike in to Anchorage and Mandy will drive the truck in with my crate. We are going to swing by Eric's house and grab him and his crate then head to American Fast Freight where we will package up the bikes in their parking lot. Then the wait begins..... I will have almost three weeks without the bike before we fly out. Hopefully I won't talk myself in to bringing a bunch more stuff that what goes with the bike!

May 21st, Eric and I will fly directly to SLC, UT and arrive around 0930 on Saturday the 22nd. We found another BMW shop in South SLC that has been GREAT to work with! One of their employees even offered to pick us up at the airport on her way to work! We will uncrate the bikes and the shop will put new rubber on both of them before we leave. They are having a Grand Opening celebration there that weekend so there will be stunt riders, BMW reps on site and food from what I hear! Not to mention four blokes from Alaska gearing up for their 5000+ mile trip back home. I'm betting we will get quite a few comments/looks during the celebration with all the Alaska plates! :)

Gary will already be in Utah visiting his family and picking up his bike (and figuring out how to ride it....) about one week before Eric and I arrive. Singh ended up buying a sweet 2004 BMW 1150GS which he will be picking up in Coeur D'Alene, ID about 3 days before we come down. Hopefully he will have a safe trip. for some more gear prep!

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