Saturday, May 8, 2010

Getting close....

Well, Eric and I crated and shipped our bikes off last Monday. If they made the Tuesday sailing, they should reach Tacoma today (Saturday). They will then be trucked to Salt Lake City and be waiting for us to arrive on the 22nd!

We were able to pack the majority of our gear with the bikes in order to limit what we have to carry with us on the flight. Hopefully everything will survive the trip!

We now have three video cameras going and Eric has a SPOT locator which will track our positions and will post our tracks on an internet map for everyone to check on. I'll be sure to post the link when we get the system working properly.

Gary leaves next Friday (14th) for SLC, Singh leaves for Idaho on the 17th and will meet us in SLC after picking up his bike, and Eric and I leave the evening of the 21st to arrive in SLC on the morning of May 22nd.

The BMW dealership in Sandy, UT (BMW Motorcycles of Utah) has been great to work with! They are accepting our bikes from the shipper and storing them for us then will be putting on new tires right before we leave.

It is all coming together and I'm sure will come and go so fast we won't know what happened. Hopefully we will have a lot of video and photos to document the trip.

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