Thursday, May 20, 2010

Leaving on a jet plane!

This is the last night at home for the next 17 days! We have been planning this trip for nearly a year and now we are less than 24 hours from catching the plane to SLC. I'm sure the trip will be over before we know it but planning it has been a load of fun as well.

Our bikes arrived in SLC this week with no issues and are waiting patiently for us to free them from their tie downs! Singh picked up his bike and has spent the last few days touring from Coeur D'Alene heading to SLC.

After some detailed route planning, it looks like our total mileage should be somewhere around 5,300 miles which will average about 330 miles a day. We plan on taking a little more time in southern Utah so the last few days through Canada might be rather long.

Eric and I will be finishing up a few last minute details tomorrow then catching the plane around 10pm. An all night, red eye flight and we will be at the dealership around 10am Saturday. We will unpack the bikes, get new tires installed then hit the road. Our goal is to get a decent amount of miles on Saturday afternoon before we make our first camp.

Eric has his SPOT beacon set up so it can be tracked online. You can follow our every move at this link - HouseofBeaver

Now, if I can make myself sleep! Excitement is taking over!

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